Artist info


Hip Hop, Pop

Sounds like

hilltop hoods, bliss and eso, Task force

band members

Babek - emcee Kudos - emcee Spinxy - DJ / producer


underground hip hop, Drugs, Girls


Progressive minds is a new age hip hop group. It contains Three members. . Spinxy - DJ / Producer Babek - Emcee Kudos - Emcee Progressive Minds is currently working on their first album "Building blocks". You may have been aproached by Kudos on the street and already gotten a copy of our 'still in the making' EP, keep in mind.. that is still only a taste of the album. All recording is done in spinxy's home studio, he is known to lay down some killer beats with great production skills, he has obtained certificate III in technical music production and plays bass guitar and the drums. To define Progressive minds sound .. we have been called refreshing, unique, diverse. The beats range from hip hop to trance.. to experimental.. to acoustic. Spinxy and babek met in highschool, grade ten, after spinxy had just moved over from Liverpool, England. The two made music togeather back then but it was really quite shit (everyone starts somewhere).. but time passed and The two were amazed how much they had grown over the years and decided to set up a band... Kudos was taken on board, Babek and Kudos mix well, theyre voices and style are extremly diverse. Kudos & Babek are brothers and have listened to the same music for years, studied it the same. All three members are on the same wave length, Perhaps another realm of conciousness. Progressive minds wants you to stop listening to shit like G-unit and Nelly, get naked and dive into something deeper.