Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Hard-Ons, turbonegro, Danko Jones

band members

Benny Mayhem (vox), Jozef Grech (guitar), Jes Fitzgerald (bass), Guy Incognito (drums)


fear, Rose Tattoo, the Hives


Rock Up Fucked. Pretty simple really... we’ve all done it. And whether rocking up fucked led to the night of your life, or left a trail of devastation in your wake, you probably had fun. Slamming one such night’s hazy memories into song – a song that ironically enough contains no profanity whatsoever – Project Mayhem’s Rock Up Fucked sums them up to a tee... balls-out rockin’ and ridiculously catchy. Recorded to reflect the band’s incendiary live shows; Rock Up Fucked is completely sans-bullshit. There’s guitar, bass, drums and vocals – most of which was captured on the first take – and there is a song. An absolute corker of a song, mind you. Award-winning, critically-acclaimed and much loved in their home state of WA as they are, the thing most people remember of Project Mayhem is how ballistic they are on stage. "Rock Up Fucked" is a reminder of how ballistic they are on tape.