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Skidsy Red Nut Superchunk Iron Lungs


King Gizz

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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows


Melbourne outfit PUBLIC HIGH were established amongst perplexity, inebriation and a haze of cigarette smoke back in December 2016 at their nerve centre, known only as ‘The Hack Shack’.

Whilst the exact origin of the band remains relatively unexplained, members Jack Butterss, JD Frew, Justin Higgs & Miah O’Callaghan had no trouble illustrating their intentions and directions.

Sonically, the noise the band delivers comprises of roots in hard rock and hardcore punk.

However, it is the added splash of doom and stoner fusion that has spawned the accent of all who dwell at camp Public High.

2017 was D-I-Y ’til you die and their sophomore year and there after will be no exception.

Swim in the hell hole.