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Sounds like

Silverchair, Pavement, Paul Kelly

band members

Anthony, Jonny, Nathaniel and Rory.


The Drones, You Am I

Unearthed artists we like

Manor, MALK, Alice Ivy, CERES


Adelaide based The Public Holiday have stepped out with their own unique brand of slacker-punk grunge-rock. Drenched with rich melody and understated melancholy, their songs are an ode to Australia’s claustrophobic suburbs set against discordant guitars and driving rhythms. Drawn from seminal Adelaide bands including The Keepsakes, Steering by Stars, Zeta League, and HIRATP, this new project has bold ambitions that promise big things. It’s a band that says Pavement were too cool, Oasis were too safe, and more people should know who John K. Samson is.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

17 Apr 2019

Triple J

Compact and smart '90s rock! These guys do it well.

Compact and smart '90s rock! These guys do it well.