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Sounds like

red hot chili peppers, cold play

band members

Tim Tanzer - Lead Vocals + Guitar, Cameron Jang - Lead Guitar + Vocals, Tom Jewell - Bass, Phil Gibbs - Drums


cold play, muse, red hot chili peppers


Rewind to mid 2005. Two friends, enchanted by their passion for music, had decided to learn new instruments. Cameron, a hopeless beginning musician had just bought his first guitar, and Tom had bought his first bass. The two began jamming to their favorite bands, enhancing their finesse and musical prowess every time they did so. Cameron and Tom quickly realised that their coming together was fate, much in the same way that Kyle Gass met Jack Black in the Pick of Destiny. They had to start a band. The two young lads wasted no time in finding members, and after much consideration Tim was recruited, equally awesome and finesse abundant. However in the Spring of '05, chaos erupted between Tim and Cameron, with Tim saying stupid things like 'we need two guitar players' before announcing his departure from the band. It was truly a disaster. What were Cameron, Tom and Phil to do? Could they save Gotham from the evil criminal called the joker? Probably, but there were more important matters at hand, like Tim. But it seemed fate was once again on their side. For in 2006, Tim made a startling return to the band, announcing he could sing! Cameron and Tom had forgiven him for the horrible, unspeakable things he had said, and he was now the band's singer. With the schools 2006 Battle of the Bands competition quickly approaching, Cameron, Tim and Tom needed a drummer. Fast. And who better than young Phillip Gibbs, a renowned badass and unbelievable drummer. So now the line up was complete. The world was ready to experience Purple Stain. Yeah, so BOTB came and turned out Tim couldn't sing. But this was the first and only time this would happen. For after the baptism of fire that was BOTB 2006, the band got its act together and when on to take out 2nd place in both the Amped Up Festival and the 2008 SPS BOTB competition, winning a $2000 recording package with Tall Poppy Records. 2009 saw them develop further, getting the opportunity to record three originals at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. HOW TO VOTE: register to the unearthed website while you're enjoying our tunes. Once your musical journey reaches its end, use the link in the jukebox to write a review. Cheers