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Hip Hop, Indie, Rock

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MC Webb, MC Tutasi, Max, Doug


hip hop, Rock, alternative, indie



The Pursuit are four guys from unlikely paths and backgrounds who came together with no expectation or perceived musical ideas or direction.
Sitting in a room with drums, guitars and mics we just started "jamming". Amongst the beer and haze, ideas bounced thick and fast off the walls....sounds were made and moulded and added to drums and topped with flowing words.
We write our own beats - we write what sounds good to us - we hope you'll like it as well.

The band comprises of MC Webb (vocals) MC Tutasi (guitar, vocals and beat box). "The Brothers' Metronome" Doug (drums and vocals) and Max Bowls-Well (Bass Guitar and Effects)

Our first album titled Stage To Horizon was recorded at Against The Grain studios Adelaide and mastered at Fascination Street Studios Sweden was released in April 2013.

The Pursuit have gigged regularly around Adelaide and have supported NJ(Aus) Necro (USA) and Devin the Dude(USA)
We will be doing song drops, monthly for the rest of this year.
"Jump into The Pursuit vehicle....sideways is the new straight!"