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Rock, Roots

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pedro vargas, NATHANIEL MEYER, Richard Kingsmill

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You could easily assume that three one-man-bands playing together would erupt into an out-of-sync bunch of discordant noise and mess, but as any one of their live shows will prove, and any hobo who has seen them will tell, this is no joke, Puta Madre Brothers possess an innate ability to lock into rhythm and groove and deliver their sonic cheese with astonishing mellifluous synchronization and skill. Basically, it’s pretty unlikely there is another band on the planet who will use as much energy and entertain you so much at the expense of their physical health, all whilst sitting on their asses(!). Since mid 2008 Puta Madre Brothers have been travelling the plains of Australia, spreading their eye-popping music and over-heated live show to the people, putting laughs on faces and making the living dead dance like lunatics, stripping paint off the walls and ripping riffs off the world, playing their favourite kind of thing into an infectious pile of sweat soaked get-downs. Singing and wailing in poorly learned Spanish, they’ll spit at the floor and steal cigarettes from you, pass you their bottle of beer to share, throw you a maraca to shake, and probably wink at your girlfriend.