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Indie, Rock, Roots

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sorry, Idea, no

band members

Ray Cochrane: Bass, Guitar, 'cello etc Terry Berman: vocals, sax, flute, piano, recorder etc. RAMI - occasional, albiet excellent, drumming, Greg Loyacano - Drums on other tracks and Gerry Steele - lead guitar solo on several tracks.


Punk, Oz Hard Rock, Elvis Costello

Unearthed artists we like

Benjamin Lepre, Miriam & I, Speedwell


Terry Berman: Song Writing, Vocals, Sax, Flute, Recorder & Catholic Guilt. Terry's Jazz, Blues & Tom Waites influenced - creating a uniquely Australian voice singing songs about some difficult things. Ray Cochrane: Song Writing, Bass, Guitar, Bad 'cello, Percussion, drum programming & Protestant Longing. Roland: Drum Machine & digital watches. RAMI: Excellent drums on Patch of Ground & Wah Wow (But Is It Art). Miriam Webb: Good 'Cello playing & musically educating ray. Some lead solos by Gerry Steele and other drum tracks by Greg Loyacano. From the ashes of the Teutonics, the Talented Few, Naked Igwanaz & Laughter On Mars, & with the advent of home recording, we rose, phoenix like, to bother the neighbours with an old semi acoustic guitar. A collection of used and abused bits and pieces records the noise made by both & then plays with it. Influenced by punk, pre punk, 60's metal and Elvis Costello.