Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

In Flames, Devin Townsend Band, Machine Head

band members

Andy Jones: Vocals. Alex Lassetter: Guitars. Tim Stelter: Drums. Clint Lawrence: Guitars. Joel Gardner: Bass.


Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory, Devin Townsend Band


Pyromesh is an aurally intense 5-piece metal band from Perth, Western Australia. The unique Pyromesh sound is best described as melodic and abrasive, blistering and serene, epic and progressive. Pyromesh combine a double-guitar attack with authoritative bass, vicious drumming, acidic vocals and wall-of-sound song composition to create music that must be heard to be believed. Pyromesh have been metal heavyweights since their emphatic launch into the scene in late 2001 due to their huge sound supported by a chaotic and energetic stage show. Hard choices, lineup shuffles and a thirst for success has seen Pyromesh evolve into the grinding and resilient machine that it is today. Their debut album, Omnia, features eight tracks comprising a 45 minute journey into the realms of chaos, destruction and apathy. Meticulously produced to an international standard, Omnia is a rich and textural album that reveals something new on each spin as the listener travels through the many layers of instrumentation and orchestration. Finely packaged in a lavishly illustrated fold-out case and accompanying booklet, Omnia is a must have album for the metal enthusiast and music-lover alike. August 2013 will see the release of sophomore album; Biologic. Another meticulously produced effort featuring the heavy and melodic elements that can be heard in featured tracks; Ethereal and My Enigma.