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Metal, Rock

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Meshuggah, Jakob, Isis

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Rico Suave - Everything


Meshuggah, Jakob, Isis


** I encourage you to download here first (makes me look good), then for higher quality downloads, head to ** My name is Rico Suave (Uncle Rico), or to most people, just Rico, and I am Quantum Mechanism. Thanks to the wonderful wonderful world of modern recording technology, I can play 4 instruments at once. I first started recording music as a hobby, a release, to keep me sane. My original intention was to write a song, and share it among friends, hoping to put a smile on their faces and send a shiver down their spine. Whether I've done that remains a mystery to me, but I hope that, for just a few minutes, I can make you forget about the everyday hustle and bustle, and allow you to free your mind, just for a short while.