Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

HAIM, Mazzy Star, Garbage, Florence and the Machine

band members

Mark Bergin Peter Clarke Billie-Jo Porter


Brian Eno, Tony Allen, David Bowie, Dandy Warhols, HAIM, Coldplay



Quasi Dada is a name to remember. The self titled EP combines a collection of diverse tracks that will transport you to another realm, making you want to close your eyes and dance like no one is watching. Quasi Dada is a three-piece fusion of Rock, Folk and Experimental music that is both futuristic and historic in its references.
Mark Bergin (vocals, bass and guitar), Peter Clarke (drums, percussion and synths) met on film set and started songwriting and collaborating. Joined soon after by Billie-Jo Porter (vocals, bass and guitar) who was fresh from a tour in North America.

The trio shares a wide range of influences including Brian Eno, Tom Petty, Velvet Underground, James Browne and Nina Simone. The differing musical tastes and backgrounds of each band member has hatched the progressive sound that Quasi Dada embodies.

The heart beat of Quasi Dada is located in Bellotorium Studios, a small cabin in the coastal mountains of Northern, New South Wales. This is where the self titled EP was written, produced and recorded by the band themselves.

Each song is an evolving journey, both relevant and emotional. Tracks from the EP, Don’t be shy, Savannah, and Did’t you Say explore the sensuality of first encounters, lost love reconnecting and trying to salvage a broken relationship. Let History Decide and Satellite focus on moving away from a broken system towards a new ideal and the duality of feeling isolated yet still connected.

Atmospheric, hybirised, melodic, lyric driven, harmonious and passionate. Quasi Dada is creating exciting new worlds of sound for a diverse and playful audience.