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Michael Diakomichalis - bass, synthesizers & vocals... Joy AndSparkes - vocals, loops, FX and whatever is lying about... Justin McArthur - drum programing, synthesizers and vocals


Dead can Dance, LCD Sound System, William Burroughs

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No Birds, Let's Be Modern


Question Question, formed in 2012, are a 3-piece live electronic act consisting of solo artists M-Thirteen, Let’s Be Modern and Joy AndSparkes; combining their many years of composition, production and performance, creating several variations of techno, post punk discotheque and tribal psych in the studio and live by means of live sampling and programming accompanied by live bass and vocals. The trio has formed to aid their ongoing necessity to express their inner creativity, treating their creations as an audible form of art and social commentary. Question Question is a true crossover of electronic and acoustic music, incorporating the use of a wide variety of synthesizers, programming and drum machines in conjunction with live bass and vocals, and improvising a large part of their live performance.