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Indie, Rock

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Al - drums, Swifty - guitar, Nick Astro - vocals, Cal Reeves - bass


David Bowie, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World


RACE THE FRAY | August 2006  WE SAY: Race The Fray are five kids from Melbourne making art because we like art.   We’re not overly tough and we’re not super cool…… but we are honest.  Not a lot of people really care about us or come see us play but I guess no-one really cares about anything these days.  We write, shoot, paint, make, design, animate or draw every piece of artwork (music, posters, video clips, website etc) that we release.   We’re passionately independent like a teenage runaway and are intensely focused on delivering attention to detail in every aspect of our art. We don’t have a lot of money but we do have commitment and obsession.  We are concerned but at the same time optimistic, just like you, we get upset when people die……. Back-burn us now so then the regrowth can begin.  We play rock&roll but it’s not retro revival and we are not in fashion…. We are RACE THE FRAY. 
  Race The Fray have been on the Local indie scene for the past few years and in that time we've been predominantly self-managed and have been booking our own shows since we started.   Through hours of hard work (not to mention a good measure of masochism) we've managed to organise and achieve the following: - One national (15 shows, 5 states) and three east coast tours (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS) - Spot rotation on Nova 100 with first single ‘Always Away’ - Featured as ‘exposed artist’ on triple j plus light rotation on Home and Hosed. - House Band on Rove Live (Sept. 2006) - Distribution of two EPs through MGM (one under the previous moniker "The Fray" before those bastards from the US stole our name!) - Second EP - This Art Will Play - debuted at #18 in the AIR charts before climbing as high as #3. - Numerous film clips on Rage and other visual media.  Race The Fray is the real deal and we are passionate about delivering the full artistic package (visual, audio and otherwise). We have self-funded the recording of all our EPs (as well as touring and promotional costs) and are well backed by the passion and talent of Big Nick who does our artwork, video clips and website to ensure that Race The Fray is represented across all media. 



16 Jun 2007


Absolute quality...

Absolute quality. Nice rythym and beats. Jebediahesque!!!!! Finally a song worth hearing on the radio. Well done guys

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15 Nov 2006


These guys have ...

These guys have come along way since the first time them and they've turned themselves into a a really great sounding band, Fairies Part II is a killer song.

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El Viejo

18 Oct 2006


I liked this son...

I liked this song. Although I found it a bit contradictory, just like the underlying message from the BIO. The track is full of raw energy, but surrounded by a mist of melancholy (I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of allegories). There is a sad tint in the main voice. The supporting vocals are just as sad, and very very slick. If the chaps (four or five?) can get rid of limiting beliefs, they have a bright future. FYI, RTF: there are people who care passionately about lots of issues, out here, in the real world.

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