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Indie, Pop

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CW Stoneking, Joni Mitchell, Feist

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Rachael Byrnes


folk, vintage pop, Alt Country

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Rachael Byrnes is a folk, roots and vintage pop singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia. Known for her catchy songs and clever lyrics Rachael has developed a reputation as a potent songwriter. In April 2010 Rachael was awarded a two year musician residency by the Dunmoochin Foundation, to work on a debut album. Midway through her residency she recently released her first EP 'Oily Rag' inspired by living a low consumption lifestyle. Echoing this, her handmade and recycled origami CD covers are as crafty as the music itself. With songs like 'Truth is a Loaded Gun,' 'Less is More & The Oily Rag' and 'Son of a Bogan' the Oily Rag EP has found people quitting their jobs, changing careers and dumping their boyfriends. It's all about finding authenticity, truth and integrity and it's resonating with a growing population of self aware Greens. Rachael is often described as Joni Mitchell-esque and draws inspiration from the folk hits of the past whist addressing the lifestyles, issues and personalities of today. There's a sense of nostalgia in her work, say fans, yet her lyrics are created for our times. Unlike many rising talents Rachael found music in her mid twenties after perusing another career in marketing and fundraising. Soon realising office life wasn't for her she quit the cubicle to study music at a tertiary level. Considering herself little more than a shower singer with a catalogue of secret songs it was a giant leap of faith to pursue a new path. Friends and family recognised her latent talent and encouraged her to perform and record her songs. Since graduating she has been a prolific songwriter and performer living off "the smell of an oily rag". She has performed regularly around Melbourne pubs and clubs often securing sought after residencies at venues such as The Wesley Anne, The Edinburgh Castle and Pure Pop Records. She hasn't made a fortune from her music yet, but has found an authentic sound. This, she says, is priceless. Recently Rachael received funding through New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) for the next phase if her music making. She's currently rolling out a plan to turn her arts projects into a thriving small business. Ironically named Rachael Byrnes & the Fortune Five her business will redefine the idea of wealth.