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Dance, Electronic, Pop

band members

Rachel Razelle: vox, guitar, synth, melodica, dub siren Mattriks: beats, live-sequencing, samples, beat-box, instrumentation



Melbourne-based duo Rachel By The Stream deliver a high-energy, animated sound that draws from pop, reggae and dance to create something completely unique "a totally distinctive talent" (ToneDeaf). Their fierce musical and technical prowess sees them meld the live with electronic, with an emphasis on song craft, through multi-instrumentation, on-the-fly looping, innovative sample triggers, and evocative vocals. A massive sound and a positive message set dancefloors and hearts alight.

The pair put out their debut EP in 2013 and toured the festival circuit nationally (EarthFrequency Fest, Rainbow Serpent Fest, Maitreya Arts and Culture, Dragon Dreaming, Daydream) and internationally (Glastonbury, RedFest, Small World, WMF).

2014 saw the release of 'Reasons To Live' with retro-futuristic video clip featuring styling from Melbourne fashion pioneer Nixi Killick, sometime styist to Lady Gaga, as well as remixes from Sydney synthwave producer Jordan F and the charismatic Dr Don Don. 'Reasons To Live' received national airplay and high praise from across the blogosphere, with Discobelle aptly declaring the track to be "100% fresh."

This year saw the duo put out 'Crashland': a synth-wobblin', bass thumpin' stomper, made in collaboration with midi-lovin bass nerds Men Imitating Machines, complete with hyper-colour cartoon video clip and remixes from Norwegian producer Ampro and Melbourne's own Kayboku.

Now they follow up with debut album 'Situation Positive', released on 25.11.16. The eclectic ten track album that spans reggae, pop and dance, was written and recorded over three years by RBTS duo Rachel Razelle and Mattriks in the pair’s Brunswick music studio, and produced by Matt Coldrick (Green Nuns of the Revolution, Pan Electric).

Mattriks acknowledges: "We've been working on some of these tunes for a long time - a few of the tracks have undergone major changes in arrangement, BPM, or instrumentation. It's been great to take the time and let them evolve through the live set as well as in the studio with Matt. The three of us just gel. Rachel and Matt are from the same area in the UK and there are lots of synchronicities in our stories."

Originally planned as two EP’s - one pop, one reggae; the band decided instead to release the material, along with their more dance-oriented tracks, as an album. Rachel says: “We realised we didn’t want to release genre-distinctive EP’s - depicting us as either a reggae or pop act - because we also have material that leans towards techno, house, R’n’B and soul. We play all these songs live in the same set and somehow it works, so we wanted the album to reflect that diversity. Our sound is very eclectic and although we were concerned about how that might be received, we made the call to honour our style and just go for it."

Mattriks agrees, adding: “Matt had the idea to create some segues to help connect some of the tracks on the album and we had fun finding ways to make all these different moods sit together."

The album features cameo appearances by Mal Webb, Reuben Stone, Cian Johnson (Vibraphonic Orkestra), Peter Woodlands, Jolanda Moyle and TK BassDread (Skankstars, Fyahwalk).

'Situation Positive' launches at The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy on 25.11.16, $10 on the door.