Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

radiohead, Outkast

band members

Felisha Norr - Vox, Rupert Topple - Guitar, Doc Rock - Bass, Mike Day - Drums


Thom Yorke, big boi, andre 3000


Basically, if you want to know more about us come to our shows and listen to our music. You will make your own mind up anyway. The fact that you are reading this means you must be intrigued. But if you must know... Radioutkast is fronted by Rupert Topple and a Felisha Norr backed by the tight rhythm section of Doc Rock and Mike Day. The band have been hard at work polishing off a new set of original songs and recording their debut EP. It is a confronting account of life, love and mistakes hemmed together through Felisha's 21st century Joplin soul and Rupert's rolling guitar. The band are looking toward the future releasing a double track single and full length 6 track EP in 2013. Felisha & Rupert paired up where they recorded an EP under a different name. They were gently nurtured by producer Caleb James (Yves Klein Blue, Rhubarb, Blonde on Blonde) and rocked out at iconic venues in Brisbane and interstate. They had the privilege of playing at venues such as The Espy, The Hifi, The Zoo, Rics and X & Y with a host of Australia's up and comers. Come watch them rock stuff, play up and return to a music that was lost in a sea of hipster wank.