Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Rush, Led Zeppelin, King's X

band members

Ryan- Lead Vocals, Lead Bass Cam - Lead Drums and Percussion Leon - Lead Guitar, Lead Backing Vocals


Queensryche, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush



Just what style of music is the Australian trio, Ragdoll? Incorporating a wide variety of styles into their own sound, the band - comprised of members Ryan Rafferty (lead vocals, bass), Leon Todd (guitar), and Cam Barrett (drums) - is certain to appeal to a wide variety of rock fans.

With an intense desire to inject new life into the music they love; Ragdoll's mission is to dismantle the sometimes tired genres of classic rock, hard rock and progressive rock and rebuild them, producing a modern hybrid that both transcends and revitalizes the traditional rock genres. The result is a sound that's bombastic and intricate, a sound that's full and brash, leaving many to question how this trio is capable of producing a live sound more akin to that of a five-piece.

The Ragdoll story begins in Perth, when Cam and Leon played together in various bands over a five-year span, before crossing paths with Ryan (who was singing in a cover band at the time). After realizing they were all on the same page musically, Ragdoll was soon formed. And regarding their name, it was not plucked from where you may assume. "A lot of people immediately assume the Aerosmith song or some sort of sexual fetish. The truth is Cam had the most gorgeous Ragdoll cat and we named the band after her. Being three hairy, scruffy musicians we feel the name also describes us rather aptly!"

Issuing several EP's ('All I Want,' 'Ragdoll Rock' and 'Here Today') and touring hard (including a 30-date trek in support of 'All I Want,' as well as playing shows alongside Guns N' Roses, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, and Korn), the trio compiled both together on the 2014 release, 'Ragdoll Rewound,' which also includes live tracks and a new composition, "Rewind Your Mind." The trio revisited the first EP and had it remixed and polished the way they had always wanted to hear it. Songs like 'Foot to the Floor' sound leaner and meaner while 'The Feeling' is even more epic! Any issues the band may have had with the original 'Here Today' master that have been fully rectified here too; the new master of 'Tell Me' in particular is a lot more dynamic and more true to the original mix.

As far as the live recordings, Ragdoll feel it's as close to the real deal as you can get…without actually attending a concert. "We chose to include the live tracks raw and unpolished; an official bootleg for any of our fans who haven’t seen us live yet. We’re so excited about the new song on there, 'Rewind Your Mind,' we decided to name the tour after it! It’s the most up to date record of where we’re at as a band and it let’s our individual and collective personalities really shine through with the trademark Ragdoll mix of melody, groove and riffage!"

Ragdoll was also willing to pick their favorite tracks off 'Ragdoll Rewound.' "'Tell Me' is the perfect exposition of where we come from as musicians and we love opening with it and seeing people move and shake their bodies with that groove. Similarly, 'All I Want' is our favorite song to close with; a sledgehammer riff together with a quirky arrangement and a super catchy hook! While we love to riff, we love sharing our experiences from the road and life in general with more expansive tracks like 'Self Censored,' 'Could it be Love,' and 'Irreplaceable.' Songs like 'Here Today,' 'Astray,' and 'Ashamed' explore some darker themes and are particularly intense to play live. While there’s a definite Ragdoll sound, we think all our material stacks up against itself and there’s not really a definitive favorite track."

And it sounds like Ragdoll will be quite busy for the remainder of 2014. "We’re returning to the USA in May and June to tour in support of 'Ragdoll Rewound,' and return to Rocklahoma for the third straight year. We’re doing twenty shows, starting in California, then the Midwest and culminating in Vegas. We’ll be rolling out a new music video and a whole new line of merchandise; everything from tee shirts and CD’s to condoms and slap bands! We’ll then return home for the Australian launch of the record before entering the studio to record the material we’ve prepared for our fourth all original studio release."

Lastly, what can fans expect from seeing Ragdoll in concert? "Playing live is the bottom line for us and we try to pour as much energy and intensity into every performance as possible. There’s only three of us but we make a lot of noise, and Ryan’s vocals need to be experienced to be fully appreciated!"