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Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Ryan Adams, Dawes, Wilco, Tom Petty,

band members

Luke Sinclair - vocals/guitar Nick O'Mara - vocals/guitar Luke Richardson - bass Johnny Gibson - drums


other music, friends, family, place & time, outlaw country, grit, delay & overdrive



Continually raw and captivating performances have cemented Raised By Eagles’ reputation as one of Melbourne’s most sought after live acts. They released their widely acclaimed follow-up LP Diamonds In the Bloodstream in May 2015 which bagged a slew of award nominations and went on to win 'Best Country Album' and 'Best Emerging Artist' at the Age Music Victoria Awards in Melbourne. It also scored them an invitation from the prestigious Americana Music Festival in Nashville Tennessee, where they delivered a stellar run of international shows before returning home to begin 2016.

After a big year on the Australian festival circuit the band took a break to start writing and recording their third album, at which time they earned the ear of ABC Music. 'I Must Be Somewhere' is the band’s first release on the discerning label, and has immediately scored four stars in Rolling Stone, The Australian and The Music.

It’s hard to believe it’s barely been four years since Raised By Eagles played their first live show. You’d swear Luke Sinclair, Nick O’Mara, Johnny Gibson and Luke Richardson grew up playing music together. See Raised By Eagles live and it’s as if they draw breath together. Then there’s the music itself; it’s evocative, old-soul Americana coming out of men surely not old enough to play it with such integrity, sincerity and presence but they do. Here is a band with no need for gimmickry or lip service to the latest pop culture trend indeed, they’d sooner give lip to all that. With I Must Be Somewhere, Raised By Eagles has delivered an impossibly stunning suite of songs that, like all great music, stands tall and timeless, built on a foundation of rock solid songwriting, musicianship, a good dose of mongrel and something that simply can’t be taught – soul.