Artist info


Roots, Rock

Sounds like

ben harper, Jimi hendrix, John Butler

band members

Joel Barker - vocals, weissenborn guitar, Tim Truell - bass, Dane Knowles - drums, Cameron Barker - percussion


Jeff Buckley, ben harper, John Butler


Ramble and the Sleepers are a 4 piece roots and rock band that hail from Perth, Western Australia. Since the bands inception in mid 2005, Ramble and the Sleepers have gained a reputation as one of Perth's most energetic roots bands. Centred around singer/songwriter and guitarist Joel Barker, the band blends genre's of roots/surf/blues/rock to create a style that has become unique and distinct. Tim Truell provides the funky bass lines, while Dane Knowles and Cam Barker provide a drum and percussion assult to compliment the sound. The Sleepers have played at such festivals as the Blues at Bridgetown Festival, part of the Fringe festival of the West Coast Blues and Roots festival and headlined the East Fremantle Festival last year. Check out this band if you get the chance as you wont be disapointed.