Artist info


Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Cat Empire, Sticky Fingers

band members

Vocals/guitar – Felipe Meyer Bass – Rory Kinsella Drums – Francisco Lira Trumpet – Graham Munro


Manu Chao, Canned Heat, Johnny Cash, Buffalo Springfield, The Wailers

Unearthed artists we like

Twenty26 Dub Orchestra



Formed in Sydney, Australia in late 2017, The Ramsgates forged an instant musical bond. Originally it was just for fun with no expectations, but they soon realised they were onto something special. After hours rehearsing, gigging and consuming litres of beer, their music is ready for the public. Taking their influences from reggae, blues and rock n roll, the band’s music is inspired by their travels. Although based in Sydney, none are Australian natives. Singer/guitarist Felipe Mayer and drummer Francisco Lira hail from Chile, bass player Rory Kinsella from the UK and trumpeter Graham Munro from Canada. Chilean melodies, British elegance, Canadian lungs, Australian vibes and an Asian influence will blow your mind.