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Hip Hop, Indie

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My Mate PLayed one Of my songs

band members

Liam Anderson-Ranford Bisgby


360, draft, Decypher Us, Jim morrison, Wordsworth, Emcee Ando, hopsin, 2pac, big L, LTL.GZEUS

Unearthed artists we like

Profound, Allday, 2Face, Decypher Us, Emcee Ando


RanFord Bigsby Has Performed at many clubs around sydney including-KIngs Cross hotel-Fbi Social,Brighton Up Bar,marz hill cafe,civic underground,The Bald Face Stag. I Write Raps,im not a rapper ima Emcee.. i like cheese on bread and im 21.Peace "When im done with it all you will see..." ..Let the Music Speak For Itself .. Yours Truly RanForD BiGsbY!!.