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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Tom Waits, Edith Piaf, gogol bordello

band members

Sara Yael- Vocals, melodica, bells. Fingal Capaldi- Piano Accordion, Vocals, Guitar, mandolin. Carmen "Dark Horse" O'brien-Violin. Jeremy "mysterio" Mcnaughton- Vocals, Button accordion, Guitar, Pan Pipes. Jules the hellraiser- Double Bass. Zak Attack- Junk yard drums, Gabriele Cavazza- Trumpet, rap


Tom Waits, Edith Piaf, gogol bordello


Those roisterous rogues, Rapskallion, shall be celebrating the release of their brand spanking new album “Vagabond king”. Tha Skallions have been peddling their inimitable concoction of tip shop blues, wonky waltzes, and vaudevillian vignettes around the country, including the Adelaide fringe festival, where they acquired the fringe award for best musical act. Their new release is a marauding musical celebration of the exploits of a buccaneering crow, back alley felines, a bad ass femme fatale, and the vagabond king himself, set to a soundtrack reminiscent of a Halloween knees up at a south sea pirate haven. They shall be accompanied on the evening by a plethora of special guest performers, to titillate your humorous bits and ensure dance floor sweaty good times!!!