Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

The Roots, Mos Def, kanye west

band members

Raseth - Vocals and Production


kanye west, A tribe called Quest, Incubus


"Ra" is the Ancient Egyptian god of light and love, "Seth" the god of dark and hate.
"Raseth" is a movement. It's about finding a way to safely navigate the two.

At the same time, "Raseth" is an artist - the type of triple threat producer, singer and rapper that is rare in the Aussie hip hop scene.

Raseth's first single, "LOST IN THE WORLD" is unique in its genre, with tinges of rnb, indie rock and old school east coast boom bap rap all blended into one glossy melancholic piano-tinged package.

Come on Raseth's journey; it's only just beginning.