Artist info


Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

Bob Marley, Hugh Masekala, Madness, Fat Freddies Drop, Miles Davis, Dread Zeppelin, Easy Star All-Stars

band members

David Rastrick (Dave Rastrix) - Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard & Slide Didgeridoo; Mark Gretton or Olly Watkins - Drum-kit; Mark Cresp - Keyboards; Xander “Orbital Xander” Rowden - Guitar.


Bob Marley, Sting, Miles Davis, Fat Freddies Drop, Hugh Masekela, Dread Zeppelin, Easy Star All-Stars


Rastatrix reggae celebrations get dance-floors jumping with their lively, up-tempo positive vibrations – playing classic and original roots, ska and dub reggae! Rastatrix are a reggae band based in Denmark deep in the heart of south-west Australia. Rastratrix perform songs of love and revolution, freedom - playing reggae with a humorous and fun twist! Reggae icon Bob Marley once said that all styles of music can fit into reggae, and this West Australian group does just that, mixing funk, jazz, soul, world music and even hard rock and metal into their sound, along with classic reggae based styles such as ska, dub, roots, drum'n'bass and dancehall. “Within minutes… the crowd were up and dancing.” Jane Dickson – Manager, Clancy’s Dunsborough “The best yet!” - Andre Steyl, Denmark Arts Markets music co-ordinator “World Class!” - Geoff Scott, White Star Hotel Music Co-ordinator “My favourite bass player!” - General Justice, Jah Wisdom Sound system, RTR FM Front-people Katie J White and Dave Rastrix passionately vocalise the band's musical messages, harmonizing to incite audience sing-a-longs. Dave Rastrix' trumpet heralds the ‘reggaelution’, soaked in special effects making the instrument sound like you've never heard it before. Katie's compelling and driving bass playing underpins the group’s reggae sound with ground shaking intensity. Mark “Crispy” Cresp's dub-centric keyboard opens new aural dimensions. Guitarist Xander “Orbital Xander” Rowden rides the sonic wave, skanking, scratching and riotously riffing. Drummers Mark Gretton and Olly Watkins bring extra energy and proper precision to the world of funky reggae dance beats. The band has performed at venues and events such as: Bob Marley Outernational Day, Fly By Night Musicians Club; Settler’s Tavern (Margaret River); Fest’ for Fuiloro, Mojos (Fremantle), Reggae for Swaziland, White Star Hotel, Denmark Arts Markets, Denmark Hotel, Matilda’s Estate, Karridale Circus Festival, Clancy’s (Dunsborough) and more…