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Punk, Rock

band members

Taylor Bain - Guitar and Vocals Sam McPherson - Drums and backing Vocals


Inedia, Violent Soho, The Cure, Bone Dry, Flour, The Parnells, Clowns, Knapsack, Magic Dirt

Unearthed artists we like

Inedia, Tired Lion, Bone Dry, DZ, Clowns, Kill Dirty Youth


RATHEAD is a two-piece punk band from Shepparton consisting of Taylor Bain on guitar + lead vocals, and Sam McPherson on drums + backing vocals.
After years of constant shows, a couple tours and supporting the likes of Clowns, Blood Duster and Tired Lion, RATHEAD have began to be recognised for their distinct sound. Having been recently described as "non-indulgent straight to the point punk" and "the kind of thing you would have heard on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, but 12 years late in a good way"

Split 12" with Kill Dirty Youth OUT NOW!
'Sick of my Brain' 7" out April 27th!

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