Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

The Roots, Fat Freddies Drop

band members

Raw Deezy, Pauly Lowe, Jack Cromie, Blain Fitzpatrick, Moira Jones, Jinz Moss, Steven Hernandez, Ben Hunt, Eilish Wilson, Blair Clarke, Julian Kirgan, Reuben Youl


Cypress hill ,Rage against the Machine, Portishead, Tribe called Quest,



Take one part seasoned underground MC/Beat maker (Raw Deezy)
Plus UK MC Jinz Moss
Add blues inspired guitar licks with a good helping of honest soulful lyrics (Pauly Lowe)
Introduce genre defying virtuoso bass lines (Blain Fitzpatrick)
Blend in finely chopped samples (Reuben Alexander)
Add mellow keys from 'Ghostnaut' (Steven Hernandez)
Incorporate fat boom bap drums to bind it all together (Jack Cromie)
Gently mix, then garnish with New Orleans inspired horns (Ben Hunt, Eilish Wilson, Blair Clarke,
Julian Kirgan)
Finally dress with seductive vocals and percussion (Moira Jean Jones)

To be enjoyed any time of year, with family and friends, accompanied by your beverage of choice.

Raw Collective takes inspiration from many genres and influences and distils it into an honest,
original, raucous energy that speaks to all generations and walks of life through music that sings to
the soul, causes the head to nod and encourages the feet to move in a rhythmic fashion.

See you at the next show.