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Hip Hop, Pop

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Individual, Myself, No one else

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Ryan Grundy (Myself)


Rap/Hip Hop, Songs from the heart


Hey all, my name is RAW-G, I'm a singer/rapper from Melbourne. I make various kinds of music from Rap, aussie hip/hop, techno, pop and love music. I write all my own music from my past experiences, my feelings and my own ability to perceive different things.



03 Dec 2010


beautiful music....

beautiful music. touches the heart in a way only the listener can know. very reminiscing. i really felt in the song, drawn into it. wonderful music by a very talented person. well done

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02 Jun 2010


Raw Im really fe...

Raw Im really feeling this one. You kinda rapped but sung also. Like rapping/singing throughout. I can clearly see you're very talented. The atmosphere and feeling is like a reminiscing story with feeling, once again nice flow and dope lyrics. You've also put great feeling and heartfelt musical atmosphere. Cant wait to hear more from you.

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