Artist info


Punk, Rock


Punk Garage

Sounds like

Fidlar, Bad Dreems, Violent Soho, Eddy Current Suppression Ring

band members

Jamie Taylor, Justin Zanetic, Dion Mariani, Matt MacDonald, Blake Withnall.


Wavves, Bad Dreems, Queens Of The Stone Age, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Bronx



Just as their hometown, Fremantle, is characterised by its sun-soaked beaches and grimy pubs, Ray Finkle reach from both the sunnier side of punk rock and the urban muscle of Australia's pub and garage rock history to deliver their own take on this thing called music. Music that is simultaneously lively and slacker; both brash and self-deprecating. Music that is written in sweltering bedrooms without aircon and jammed in warehouses with hangovers as loud as their cooked guitar amps. Music that has seen excited punters break extensive amounts of nearby furniture whilst others at the show simply smiled, sipped their drink and kept dancing.

Having previously supported a bunch of big Australian bands (such as Dune Rats, Tired Lion and The Delta Riggs) on the strength of these live shows, the five-piece has now recorded a series of infectious singles to be released over the first half of 2018, which match the raw energy and personality the band displays in the live setting. Some people might suggest Fremantle is dead, that rock and roll is dead. Scratch below that surface and you'll see that there's still life in those old buggers yet, and Ray Finkle will be more than happy to show you the streets, beer in hand.