Artist info


Metal, Punk

Sounds like

Saviour, Hand of Mercy, Gideon

band members

Shaemous Duggan - Vocals Matt Montalbano - Guitar Josh Mayte - Guitar Jayden Lehmann - Bass Jack Scholz - Drums


Advocates, Fit For a King, The Devil Wears Prada


After the disbanding of local Albury Bands Dishonoured & Forbidden Burning, and the addition of members from Temples & Towers, 5 guys got together and decided to write together, bringing influences from many different directions, like melodic hardcore, metalcore, post hardcore, and some modern progressive bands. With their high knowledge of music, and wide range of influences, put together with their experience on stage, Realisations, is something you won't want to miss! aggressive, live performance and overall fun guys. They are currently In the Process of recording and releasing their debut Single to be released in December, as well as the EP due out early 2014. Set to embark on an east coast tour to celebrate the release of the EP and get their name out, expect to see them near you Early 2014.