Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Bouncing Souls, Brazen Hearts, One Inch Punch

band members

Cohen Brown - Vocals, Guitar. Paul Delaney - Guitar. Rohan McNamara - Drums. Ben Gallan - Bass


18k, punk nick

Unearthed artists we like

Self Titled, MARY JANE KELLY, Lamexcuse, Lost In Line


REASON STRIKES Rising from the ashes of The Brazen Hearts (No Use for A Name '05 tour, Horrorpops '05) and Point of Resistance (played alongside Toe to Toe, Frontside & appeared on Fluid Productions 'Hardcore Pride Australia Wide' VHS) and deriving their name from lyrics written by seminal Australian hardcore/punk band One Inch Punch, Reason Strikes are a gasping breath for a dying breed. In the era of clichéd imitation acts and the current trend of carbon-copy bands vying for the record companies approval, Reason Strikes defy convention, staying true to their roots with an honesty and sincerity resounding in each and every note of their music. This passion is nowhere more apparent than in the bands blistering live shows, a sense of urgency and purpose immediate upon the first crack of the snare drum right up until the final striking of guitar chords. Born in late 2006, Reason Strikes have already shared the stage with the likes of Unpaid Debt, Bagster, Lost in Line and more, quickly proving that they can hold their own alongside the country's best. With the release of their debut e.p in June 07, aptly titled "The Art of Chaos", Reason Strikes plan to launch their assault on the rest of the nation, taking their hard hitting melodic anthems to as many ears as possible.