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Sounds like

Clinkerfield, Black Eyed Susans, Quentin Tarantino Movie Soundtracks

band members

Jamie O'Neill- Drums, Andrew Tigges- Bass, Earl Leonard- Vocals/Guitar, David Ruddick- Guitar


Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave


The Red Cents are revolutionaries, always ready to ride out across the semi-temperate tundra of urban Melbourne and outlying districts, spreading the word of chops-laden roots rock. Described as `Quentin Tarantino’s Wedding Band’ the four Red Cents are worth more than the sum of their discontent. “Wyatt” Earl sings like Smokey Dave plays guitar, when nothing else in the world makes sense, you play some music. Big Andy T is a veritable bass doctor and Jamie the Frog O’Neill knows all about them drums. Barely a year old the lads have already played along side such bands as Carus and the True Believers, CWQ, Cliffy Davis Good Time Band, The Vasco Era, The Woulds and CW Stoneking. Beat Magazine described their “For As Long You Like” demo (recorded at PBS Studio 5, with Steph O’Hara from the Blue Grassy Knoll) as ` bluesy’ and `gospel tinged’ but more importantly as `flawed but endearing’. The Red Cents understood that to be the highest of compliments for their gaze is fixed on the horizon, on pleasing the punters, on the next heartfelt tune.