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Punk, Rock



Sounds like

Royal Blood , Moriarty , Soundgarden , Rise Against

band members

Daniel Cravero - ( Drums & Percussion ) Sammy Hutchin - ( Vocals - Guitar ) also aka Sam IAm


Stone Temple Pilots , The Black Keys , The Smashing Pumpkins , AC/DC , The Fumes , Silversun Pick Ups , Rise Against , Audioslave , The Kings Of Leon , Nirvana, Pearl Jam


Red Crayons
Sammy Hutchin - (Guitars and Vocals)
Daniel Cravero - (Drums & Percussion )

Born in 2007 to 2010 than a lengthy hiatus now back together in 2016 jamming and writing new songs and very keen to put some songs down
Working together at a Market Research company in Manly. The Crayons boys discovered that had very similar music tastes and they jammed with there than boss Brett Pardon ( ( Amoniea ) at Mona Vale Rehersal studios.
Daniel & Brett , went to see what all the fuss was about as talk got out that Sammy wasn't bad Daniel watched one gig and had one jam .. Sammy's fingers where bleeding and he had blood dripping down his guitars and allover his strings and T- shirt and jeans everywhere actually and no fingertips .... as he had forgot his picks and they played covers from Tool , Nirvana , The Screaming Trees , Grinspoon, Beasts of Bourbon . Nick cave , Pearl Jam , Rage Against . Pantera even u name it they tried to play it etc
Daniel was blown away by the dedication and how much passion he knew there was a spark there and that Sam was relentless about music that was it Red Crayons where born

They quickly got to work rehearsing one a mth than down to twice a week as the songs where coming together nicely. after 6 mths or so they entered a demo well Sammy did and the Crayons ended up recording a 4 track demo only mixed at Damien Gerard Studios they put it on My space handed it out everywhere to get people listening.

Red Crayons only CD they ever recorded besides live ones which is how they got there following very different somewhere between The White Stripe or Local H and Royal Blood or The Black Keys , Metallica even Stone Temple pilots or Soundgarden and Moraity but with a Twist of Lemon its very different and the force they deliver there songs you would think they are a 5 piece band.

a punk metal scene awaited there beginings as they were sort of blues rock but not quite soft they were loud and left of the middle from what bands where jamming like
it was total underground metal punk. But jamming there gave them ideas and there style changed dramatically.
It Was a blessing in disguise as there second band each as Sammy had his solo stuff Sam IAm and played in a blues rock punk cover band The Lab Rats which didn't last long " I didn't even go back and get my guitar Sammy explains I couldn't be fucked and Danny the bass player and Ramones crazy nut is all he wanted to play 2 shows he was out of there.

Jamming At Scene Surround Sound run by Scott From Frank Rizzo

With bands like legends. Frank Rizzo , Arcane , Mope, Downtime , RUST And having Grant Larwy Lawerence legendary punk drummer for a million and 1 bands. Watching them and showing them the ropes and it was game on.

Red Crayons quickly gained momentum there sound got bigger and Sammy playing Guitar and bass on his guitar and Dan's heavy hitting was being talked about.
They organised a show at Mona Vale Hotel and it got cancelled as the tickets weren't sold at all it was knew to them and trying to headline a place like Mona Vale hotel a bit two ambitous at the time

They finally landed a gig at The Cat & Fiddle in 2008 and backing up a few bigger bands they got there break and they blew the roof of the Joint brought the house the crowd was gobsmacked as they played there fast paced punk - grunge rock tunes and they got plenty of gigs after that playing at The Annandale Hotel , Candy's Apartment , Lawnsdowne Hotel many many times at " The Fishos as they are local beaches boys.

in 2009 after many shows and a huge expectation to put out a EP at least they were approached a few times but said they weren't ready.

After 100 at least shows and there final gig before the Hiatus the Octoberpuss 13 only the whos who played at the metal - punk mini festival and 13 years on it was a great run as it was the 2nd last year and attracting big underground bands Downtime , RUST , Kill The Motive , they got put in the middle slot thus the song Stuck In The Middle was born and they killed it one of there finest performances and had a huge write up in local rags The Rock It they were the feature besides RUST it put a few boys noses out of joint, than boom they just stopped no more on indefinite hiatus was called.

Than in 2016 - " Red Crayons they are back with there old and new songs and better equipment and a eagerness to record an album they will be proud of so there kids can show there kids and so on, The new songs are more structured but with a Crayon twist Look out when they play live " Amazing "

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