Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Yves Klein Blue, Johnny Cash, The Living End

band members

Gonzalo Rodino - Vocals/Guitar Hannah Williams - Double Bass Neevan Alavi - Drum Kit

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Red Revolver are a Rock 'n' Roll Trio from Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2011 with a desire to create fresh and original music. Although Red Revolver's sound is strongly built off American Rockabilly music, there are many different musical influences within the band members, which has allowed Red Revolver to put an authentic twist on a classic sound, creating a style that is very unique and contagious. Red Revolver have a very colourful dress code and their songs tell true and vivid stories, usually about girls... Their debut EP ‘Western Witch’ was released in June 2012, to much acclaim, which has allowed Red Revolver to continue performing in larger venues to larger audiences. Red Revolver are here to make the world dance again.