Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Dinosaur Jr, Kyuss, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Rolling Stones

band members

Redro Redriguez - Vocals/Guitar Mike Findlay - Bass Adam Cole - Guitar Neil Wilkinson - Guitar Mitch McGregor - Drums


Led Zeppelin, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Rolling Stones


Redro Redriguez leads an ever revolving, and evolving crew of Melbournes best musos on a quest to develop, and perform stunning fuzz tunes. Redro calls on the gods of 70s rock, Indie Rock, and Stoner rock, combines these influences with philosophical lyrics, and delivers these tunes with chaos, and fire.

The second album from Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons is intense, and intimate Rock & Roll. Lyrically it hits hard with recurring themes of masculinity, violence, government, and self determination running through the record.

The bulk of the tracks were recorded in a single three day session at Debasement Studios in suburban Melbourne, recorded and produced by Redro, and featuring the amazing playing of Danny Leo (Fluff, King of the North) on drums, Neil Wilkinson (Fluff, Redcoats) on Guitar, Mike Findlay (Dr Colossus, Dukes of Deliciousness) on bass guitar, and Adam Cole (Bugdust) on Guitar. The vocals of Gemma Sharard (Skyscraper Stan) are a feature of album closer “Like a Rat”.