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Born from the headwaters of Moonee Ponds creek and fuelled by communal party-pie-eating sessions, Reel Tapes have spent the last couple of years capitalising on their growing popularity to continue to hone their unique sound and propel themselves further into Melbourne’s music community. The band grew out of high school friendships, and since then they’ve built up their performance experience with shows at venues across Melbourne, as well as an appearance at Sydney Road music festival (where they shared a stage with Wil Wagner of the Smith Street Band and Camp Cope).

The music video for their feature track from their self-titled debut EP, Fat Stacks, garnered a great deal of attention and praise around the Melbourne music community upon its release in early 2017, as did their single Nine x Nine, which saw its launch in late 2017 to a headline show at Fitzroy’s The Old Bar and radio play on BBC Radio. Since then, subsequent headline shows at the Tote and Revolver Upstairs have kept up word of their achievements in the Melbourne music scene.

The band’s lineup consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Conor Clements, lead guitarist Liam Annable, keys and synth player Ainsley Turner, bassist Liam Martin and drummer/percussionist Rory Annable. The band’s indie-come-alternative rock sound has gained inspiration from modern acts like Wavves and Jack White to classic rockers such as The Doors and Rory Gallagher, and they have an array of other blues and psychedelic rock influences noticeable in their music. With another single - Deep Space - set for release in June 2018, keep your eyes peeled for this band - they’re sure to put on a show.

“I’m a big fan, Reel Tapes. Yes! I know we are in the cold dark depths of January at the moment, but I can see this band being a CD on in the car, windows down, glorious weather outside kind of a band. Yeah, a barbecue band. YES! I like that a lot!" -Christian Carlisle, BBC Radio Sheffield


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

28 Jun 2018

Triple J

Feel like I'm in the jam room with you. It's loose and fun and relaxed and I ordered pizza for everyone.

Feel like I'm in the jam room with you. It's loose and fun and relaxed and I ordered pizza for everyone.