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Sounds like

Morgan Heritage,, Mary J

band members

Lonnie Pedro-Vocal/guitar,Deb(ZebrakeyZ) Sisson- Keyboards/backing vocal, Terina Hakaoro-Vocal, Moses Warusam- Lead/acoustic guitar, Nigel Perera- Bass Guitar, Zac Smith- Drums


Reggae, , Soul, RnB


Reggae Bliss is a vibrant six piece musical performance which appeals to a wide audience of followers. Members of the band come from a range of cultural backgrounds. This makes the performance a very unique blend of talents that appeals to people from all ages. Indigenous, Pacific Island, Asian and European backgrounds makes the performances colourful and intriguing. The performers are Lonnie Pedro- (Chief songwriter, vocal and Guitar/dance), Terina Hakaoro- (Vocal and percussion),Deb Sisson- (Keyboards, backing vocal), Moses Warusam- (lead and acoustic guitar), Zac Smith- (Digi Drums) and Nigel Perera- (Bass) Trace the development of Reggae in Australia through this educational and inspiring performance.