Artist info


Hip Hop, Indie

Sounds like

hilltop hoods, Muph & Plutonic, urthboy

band members

Antics - Vocals, Seizure - Vocals, Unconventional Science - Production, Nina Benvenuti - Additional Vocals, Dan - Everything else


urthboy, ATMOSPHERE, K'naan


RENOVATOR'S DREAM DEBUT ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW. Anthony Weare and Jules Cleary (aka Antics & Seizure) combine forces as Renovator’s Dream with a refreshing offering for the thriving local scene. Their self-titled debut release is a candid insight into the minds of two MCs with unique perspectives. Without resorting to the brag and boast formula, the 11-track release covers a diverse range of topics that display both depth and humour over the musically diverse and engaging instrumentals provided by L.A.’s Unconventional Science (USA). Together Antics & Seizure have a partially disjointed cohesion that commands attention. With the craft of a poet Antics reaches out to the listener with a rare honesty then draws you closer. Seizure, a true wordsmith manipulates lyrics to create an ever-evolving array of rhythms and flows that slaps you across the face. Although grounded in the already distinct Australian hip-hop sound, their self-titled album has an individuality seldom heard in the scene. Renovator’s Dream, as the name suggests, provokes you to look at things differently, and see the potential in a duo that, without pretense or claims of supremacy, have something to say that is worth hearing.