Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

tea party, Jeff Buckley, Mumford and Sons

band members

Ciaran Shields - Vocals. Peter Renzullo - Mandolin/Guitars/Vocals. Michael Anagno - Mandolin/Guitars/Vocals. James Sparks - Bass. Adrian Renzullo - Drums.


epic!!, Acoustic, folk


The Renzullo Project is a dynamic Folk outfit from Perth, Western Australia. This high energy, gritty acoustic driven sound has is roots in old-time gypsy music. The Renzullo Project was formed with a new sound in mind. The slick, folk driven music coupled with a powerful rhythm section and three-part harmonies make for a truly unique union of sounds and lyrics. “My intention from the start was to write music that would translate well on stage. There’s nothing worse then hearing a fantastic studio recording of a band and then seeing them live only to be disappointed at how empty their sound really is. I guess I wanted to give the audience the sense that what they hear on this album will be exactly what they’ll hear on stage.” Peter Renzullo Their debut album "Touch the Ground" was released on the 29th of Jan 2012, with a launch at The BLVD tavern on that date. (Future tour dates to be announced as they become known.) For now, you can find snipets of the album right here on Triple J Unearthed and also at