Artist info



Sounds like

Sally Seltmann (New Buffalo), The Beach Boys, The Dirty Projectors

band members

Brian Campeau and Elana Stone


Owen Pallett, Rufus Wainwright, Bjork


Brian’s latest album was called “genuine genius” by Drum Media. Elana has been described by the Age as “one of the best singing voices in the country.” They are currently working on a new album that will involve a multitude of musical friends orbiting around the core couple, who between them, have worked with and supported many prominent artists- including Joanna Newsom, Kate Ceberano, Angus & Julia Stone, Josh Pyke, Bluejuice, The Cat Empire, and Jackson Jackson. 'Brian Campeau and Elana Stone have separately been making brilliant, emotive music in Sydney’s thriving underground scene for many years. It is with great joy that the duo have recently begun to work together to utilise both of their incredible song-writing talent and mesmerising voices in one group: The Rescue Ships.' -