Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Rise Against, The Flatliners, The Swellers, Defeater

band members

Josh Anderson - Vocals & Guitar, Aaron Gaffney - Bass & Vocals, Dave DeMaine - Drums


The Bronx, Sommerset, Comeback Kid



Canberra’s Revellers were set for big things from their 2012 inception, which saw them quickly and aggressively establish themselves as a fixture of the local ACT scene as they stormed the stage alongside the likes of The Swellers (USA), Paper Arms, Anchors, and The Bennies – just to name a few.

It lead to a tumultuous 2013, which saw the band release their critically lauded debut EP Night Time Lunatics and journey interstate to bring their trademark relentlessness and good-time party vibes to Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong and NSW’s South Coast for the first time, immediately expanding their loyal following with the sheer might of their live show. The year’s end saw them take out a 2013 MusicACT MAMA Award, a fitting capstone to Revellers’ biggest year yet.

The door to 2014 was unceremoniously kicked in with an alliance with Melbourne indie label Whisk and Key Records to unleash their sophomore EP, Your Round. Recorded locally with producer/engineer Adam Jordan (Mondo Generator/Over-Reactor) and mixed and mastered at Blasting Room Studios (USA) by Jason Livermore (Rise Against/Propagandhi/Hot Water Music), Your Round sees Revellers exploring the genre and stretching their sound, while still holding onto those tight melodies and pop-punk hooks that make each track so easy to sing along with. In support of the release, Revellers will be touring across Australia and even jumping the ditch to New Zealand for their first ever overseas shows.

Revellers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel; instead, they're grabbing it with both hands and expertly careening it through the turns we expect from the hard-hitting, melodic punk music that we all grew up with and loved. Most importantly, they're having a blast doing it and they're here to ensure that the fun extends to you too. So come to a show and bring your mates, your folks, your boss, your landlord, hell – even bring your dogs; now's the chance for us all to have a drink, sing along and look forward to that time of the night when it's 'Your Round'!


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

17 Jun 2014

Triple J

Burning with passion and a lot of crushing anger.

Burning with passion and a lot of crushing anger.


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

13 Feb 2013

Triple J

Makes me feel like I too am back in Belco. Nice nostalgic blast here.

Makes me feel like I too am back in Belco. Nice nostalgic blast here.