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Hip Hop, Indie

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Fonetiks - MC, Volatile - DJ


real hip hop, blues, Pretty much everything

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Fonetiks, Pathaway, Emcee Able


***** RhymeAudial is comprised of two talents; Fonetiks MC and DJ Volatile, who teamed up to form the group in early 2005. The two have now taken their critically-acclaimed act from stage to stores with the debut release, Plastic Fortunes LP. Plastic Fortunes LP was released on May 30, 2008 and is available localy (Perth) at 78 Records, Dada and Planet Video. Please stay posted for national distribution options, or email with any queries. Prior to the release, RhymeAudial picked up three nominations from the Western Australian Music Industry (WAMi) for the 2007 Urban Song of the Year, and subsequently took home the award. They follwed this up with a nomination for the Industry Award in the Best Hip Hop Act category at the 2008 WAMi Awards in February. The group has been hailed as not only a unique and talented act, but also as a huge leap for their local scene of Perth. Where the eastern states acts have the ability to draw on their quantity for support, those from Perth have to rely on their quality to stand out from the rest. All production on the Plastic Fortunes LP is by RhymeAudial’s DJ, Volatile, ranging from hip hop head bangers to soulful melodies. Coupled with the flawless flow and insightful lyrics of Fonetiks, the end result is a complete buffet with an offering for all musical tastes. Plastic Fortunes LP includes guest appearances from Able MC (The Typhoons), Optamus (Downsyde, Obese Records/Opt Shop Records), Wisdom 2th (Green&Gold Records), and Marksman (Relentless Pursuit). *****