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Roots, Rock

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Rhys Crimmin - Vocals, 6 String Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar, Didgeridoos, Harmonicas, Stompbox, Foot Shaker, Djembe, Keys.


From the moment Rhys Crimmin starts playing, audiences are drawn to the warm sound he creates. Sitting amongst an array of instruments, the rhythmic pulse of the stomp box, along with the haunting drone of the didgeridoo, or bluesy sounds of the harmonica. His guitar work playing underneath while his raw, powerful emotive, rootsy vocals soar above. Rhys lets his music do the talking, and the crowd is ready to listen. Since achieving second place in the Australian Busking Competition in 2003 as a seventeen year old, Rhys has come along way. Rhys continues to improve his shows, with an ever-growing array of instruments and original songs, along with a passion for music and an energy for performing live that shines through at his gigs. In the past year Rhys has added seven new instruments to his show, including several harmonicas, shakers, bottleneck slide guitar, djembe, a stomp box, a lap steel guitar and didgeridoo’s. Naturally gifted, this busy performer has managed to teach himself all of these instruments. Rhys manages to blend a number of styles into his performances, from reggae to dirty foot stomping blues! His shows are unpredictable. He will break into spontaneous jam’s on the didge’s, harmonica’s, or guitar, feeling his way through it, with the crowd watching his every swift movement to see what he will try next. Rhys is quickly developing a strong following after several Australian Tours and exciting performances at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, Joyfest on the Gold Coast, and support shows with top Australian acts Carus and the True Believers, Rob Sawyer, Epicure, Dan Brodie, Dirty Lucy, The Periscopes, The Little Stevies, and The Vasco Era. He also has a number of festival appearances and touring coming up. Rhys delivers one hell of a well-rounded solo show!