Artist info



Sounds like

Circle of Rhythm, Kodo, The Cat Empire

band members

Rendra Freestone, Rose Callaghan, Luke Fabila, Matt Lee, Niq Reefman, Emily-Rose Sárkova, Abby Constable, Marina Da Silva


Indonesia, Japan, Pacific Islands


Drawing from the cultures of northern Australasia, to the traditional folk songs of Indonesia, and the electro beats of cyber culture, Rhythm Hunters is a unique musical and visual act that easily slides into many genres including world, folk, groove, electronic and cultural genres.

Original inspiration stems from the dream of celebrated multi-instrumentalist Rendra Freestone to create a visual fusion of Japanese Taiko drumming with indigenous music from the little known provinces of West Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia. Over years of development a range of contemporary instruments have found their way into the group resulting in a very modern sound.

Following a 14 month break, Rhythm Hunters returned to the stage for their highly anticipated return the 2018/19 Woodford Folk Festival to adoring crowds. In 2019 Rhythm Hunters look forward to releasing their highly anticipated new studio album produced by Nicky Bomba, and touring extensively around Australia and Indonesia throughout 2019-20.