Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Ben Howard, Damien Rice, Bon Iver,

band members

Richard Neill - guitar/vocals Daniel Watts - drums Jules - Bass Lauren Illig - violin


Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Ben Howard



Richard Neill &
The Drunken Midnight Choir


Dedicated to his passion from an early age, Richard Neill has always sought to follow his heart and to produce music of the same nature.

Inspired by everyday life and the songs and performances of his favourite artists, Richard converges a multitude of genres and artists to create a soft yet powerful sound unique to him.

His vocals bring a raw and powerful range, coupled with a sweet tone and delicate harmonies.

With both warm acoustic tones and his memorable Telecaster, playing through an RC-300 Looping station (aka The Drunken Midnight Choir) Richard brings about an intimate and also full performance with many twists and turns of excitement, cleverness and meaning.

Initially learning his craft in Ireland before establishing himself within the Gold Coast community. With over 10 years of professional experience of performance in bars, restaurants, music venues and festivals across Australia, USA and Europe.

With funding from Arts Queensland and QMusic, his debut video release "You'll Never Fall Asleep Alone Again" is set to be released August 15th. 

Partnered with a live performance featuring various other talented Gold Coast musicians, Richard is set to make his mark on the Gold Coast and Australian music scene.