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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Beck, Bowie, Barrett

band members

Richard Cartwright - vocals and guitar, Conrad Richters - bass and synth, Jordy Lane - guitar and bass, Pat Torres - drums and percussion


beatles, Bolan, boredoms


"...The quartet appear on stage amidst a storm of mind-bending psychedelia – frontman Richard Cartwright murmuring down a megaphone as analogue synthesisers, warped slide guitar and throbbing krautrock rhythms gracelessly totter into each other in the background. It’s a brilliant introduction that ultimately presages a truly brilliant set from one of the country’s most exceptional bands. Richard Cartwright is forever the centrepiece of proceedings – blathering madly about disco planets and primary schools between songs and plucking daintily at an acoustic guitar during the band’s instrumental flights of fancy. The band’s closing number, meanwhile, is a legitimate contender for live performance of the year – audience members invited to play percussion and stomp along to a largely a capella performance by Cartwright in a conclusion as fittingly surreal as it is undeniably brilliant." - Matt O'Neill, TIME OFF "If this is the precedent for Australian music in 2008, we are in for a prosperous and thrilling year. Brilliant." - A.H. Cayley, MESS AND NOISE “Wonderfully unpretentious, whimsical pop music” – Linda Marigliano, TRIPLE J “A unique and exciting prospect for the Sydney scene… simply outstanding” – Shaun Prescott, DRUM MEDIA “Refreshingly unique… burns an impression that surpasses anything I’ve heard this year” – FASTERLOUDER.COM.AU “Richard Cartwright’s eccentric demeanor, his quaint banter, his lyrics, and the joyous absurdity of the band’s pop songs are overwhelmingly effective” – Shaun Prescott, MESS AND NOISE


Reviewed by Dan Buhagiar Dan Buhagiar

03 Sep 2008

Triple J

Great noisy retr...

Great noisy retro rock track with more than a touch of psychedelia. Listen and smile.

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Review by Main Beach Main Beach

25 Mar 2014


excellently stra...

excellently strange summer music

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30 Mar 2013


Kinda Elliot Smi...

Kinda Elliot Smith minus the whole dagger to the heart bizzo.

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