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Roots, Pop

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Richie Gudgeon


neil young, Harry Chapin, Nirvana

Unearthed artists we like

Strange Dog, Jack Fell Down, The Stiffies


This diverse solo acoustic performer cherishes anywhere ears welcome another confused mind at work. His lyrics delivered and brought to life by the personality of his clear, beer-and-atmosphere lubricated voice, accompanied by well travelled fingers doing a rhythm sections job on his six-string. His songs spawn from ideas and themes which rage, sleep, manifest , surface and expose - evolving as intimate ballads, rock’n’roll tragedies, eccentric ditties and musically varied interpretations from an ocean of influences. Here are some tunes reflecting his experiences and imagination, bringing his form of art to a selected growing audience, embracing his song writing efforts. This skilled and talented singer /songwriter has been performing on and off stage, with or without bands for most of his 29 years. Richie since quite young, has been fortunate enough to have performed at various prestigious and not so prestigious venues both overseas (France, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Phillippines…) and in Oz, whilst touring on several different occasions either with various line-ups and styles or just solo – some of which were in more recent years. His younger days seen him landing a few acting roles in popular current soapies and T.V. ads (Though he will genuinely confide, he is far more comfortable off screen and owes it all to his dedication to his love of entertaining live.)