Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Bronx, Future of the Left, Faith No More, Primus, Pantera

band members

Rick Dangerous - Vocals Oscar de la Talon - Guitar Gregory Peck - Bass Feather Locklear - Drums


The Bronx, Nirvana, Future of the Left, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Pantera, Faith No More



Pioneers at the forefront of the thrustcore revolution, Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams emerged from the seedy slums of southern Sydney in the wee hours of 2013.

Armed with little more than his original teeth, a twinkle in his eye and a hole in his back, Rick has assembled his feathered friends, Oscar de la Talon (guitar), Sir Gregory Peck (bass) and Feather Locklear (drums) to inappropriately suckle at the teat of the Australian music scene. Their sound has been described as sexy, repulsive, abusive, and at best, obnoxious.

With their self-titled 2014 EP already ruffling feathers, the band's brand new EP "Thrust Machine" is out and about nestling in to the brains of their followers.

Newly released single "Powdered Sugar" is the tip of the iceberg of what's to come for 2017.

Prepare yourself for the thrust frenzy.