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Indie, Rock, Roots

band members

Colby Robertson - Drums Jess Johns - Guitar, vocals Ricky Albeck - Guitar, vocals Jesse Davidson - Bass Caelyn Judson - Guitar


Neil Young, Sharon Van Etten, Paul Kelly

Unearthed artists we like

The Bitter Darlings, Goon Wizarrd, Dead Roo


Ricky Albeck & The Belair Line band is Ricky Albeck and his 5 piece post-pub rock extravaganza. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Ricky’s released 2 home recorded EP’s (“Lovely Bones” and “Everything”). Covid may get in the way of planned tours, but it won’t get in the way of 2020 release plans, with 2 projects set to release in mid to late 2020.

The Belair Line Band is:
Ricky Albeck
Jess Johns
Colby Robertson
Jesse Davidson
Caelyn Judson
Tom Spall