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Angus Stone, The Paper Kites, Xavier Rudd

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Ricky Green


Lady of The Sunshine, Paolo Nutini, Ben Howard, John Butler, Half Moon Run, The Paper Kites



Ricky is a singer/songwriter originating from the SW coastal region of Western Australia. Known best for his silky smooth vocals and warm catchy songs. A large part of Green’s time away from recording has been spent traveling, playing shows and surfing; he spent three years moving through Europe,the U.S and Indonesia, a journey which undeniably energised his creativity. 
 When home in West Aus Ricky likes to spend his time split between the stage and the studio.Within his songs lie hints of the people who influence him, artists such as Angus Stone, Neil Young and Xavier Rudd. His eager persistence and undoubted talent have earned him spots supporting musicians such as John Butler, Husky, Kyle Lionhart, Donovan Frankenreiter , Diesel, Russel Morris, Cloud Control and The Cat Empire. 
 With and endless string of shows ahead and a new EP due for release early 2020, Rickyis one to watch.

His debut EP, released in 2012, was the first taste of his heartfelt and subtle brand of oceanic folk. In 2017 he later released a second EP titled These Are The Good Old Days in which he displayed his versatilile ability to write anything from acoustic roots to surf/pop/rock

His latest single "Where I Go" is due for release on Friday November 1st 2019. This song is a culmination of all his hard work to truely solidify his own sound and style whist giving a nod to the people who influence him. Within his songs lie hints of artists such as Angus Stone, Neil Young and Xavier Rudd

"Where I Go is a song about letting go of our self inflicted pressures. It's an understanding that the simple things are what truely matter. We should always appreciate life's fleeting moments because if I have learned anything from my life, it is that tomorrow is never in our control." Ricky Green