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Punk, Rock



Sounds like

Ricky's Breath

band members

Charlie Dunn - Lead Vocals, guitar Harley Goodman - bass guitar Harrison Cooke - guitar Darnell Polsen - Drums


Dune Rats , the chats, Red hot chilli peppers


Fresh on the scene, Ricky's Breath are a wild four-piece punk/alt rock band who have formed their own individual sound in the short time they've been together. Established by bassist and singer Harley and Charlie, the band was created out of a mutual burning desire to make music, and have shitloads of fun. This soon after saw the two boys join forces with best mates Darnell and Harry who together promptly began pumping out original tunes.

Since forming, the band has been gigging wherever they can around Central West NSW on the rural music scene, gradually forming a small following. Eager to share their sound with the world, the boys entered a couple demo takes recorded in their school studio of songs "Shattered Oasis" and "My Nan Bought Me a Bumbag" into the 2019 Triple j Unearthed High competition, seeing them get an unexpected spin on triple j radio. This traction sparked a group motivation to record their songs professionally, and so together have recorded their brand spanking new EP titled "Living in Australia" which dropped on February the 10th. The boys have most recently recorded their latest single 'Epitome of Stupidity' dropping on all platforms on the 17th of August!

With a fiery, stubborn drive to make music their life, anything could be in store for these four erratically deviant boys. Their never-ending search for a good time can be followed on their Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for what stench is ahead!